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Merna Mora Tri-State 2018 Wrap-up

This years Tri-State which was hosted by the South Australia Holden Club at Merna Mora was a great weekend enjoyed by all.

It was wonderful to meet up with everyone again from all the other clubs, including so many members of the Sapphire 4WD club. The weather was on the warm side and due to no rain out there for ages there was heaps of dust, a lot of which travelled home with us in the van.

Happy hour each day was set out under gazebo’s it was still very hot so all those who could not sit in the shade under the gazebo’s positioned them selves in the shade of the shed, with some even setting them selves up in between their vans.

The banquet evening was held in the shearing shed with the owner’s of Merna Mora providing the dinner which was lovely. It was a great night and Simon from the South Australian club announced NSW as winners of the block by default, he had forgotten that he was supposed to be calculating the points over the weekend. Simon said that he was awarding NSW the block of wood as so many members from the Sapphire 4WD club had made the long trip over to join us all for this years Tri-state weekend. Simon presented the block to Colin and Stephen Nieuwendyk and they then presented it to Bob Hinde so he could take it back to Bega with him to show all the members of the Sapphire 4WD club. We are very happy to say the Sapphire club will be joining us again at the Victorian Tri-state event next Easter.

While we were packing up on the Tuesday morning to head for home or some on their extended trips a terrible wind was blowing with dust going everywhere. I have to say it was very good for the wonderful café at Hawker though as everyone heading south pulled in there for coffee or a drink of some sort to wash the dust down.

We will now look forward to next years Tri-state event at Hillston.






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