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Tri-State 2017 Wrap-up


Well, the 2017 Tri State has now been and gone what an event we had!

As there was only one day to set up the showground for our event, everyone needed to work a little harder (not to mention smarter) to try and get everything done in time for all the participants’ arrival.

Thursday arrived with people turning up so early we barely had time to complete one task before there were other tasks that begged to be done.  Before we knew it, the showground was filling up fast with people, cars, campers and caravans!

Our mini market started off with Ian Richie from Za’s Mobile Coffee providing fresh brewed coffee for all those who needed doses of caffeine.  The coffee smelled so delicious that people were lining up to buy it!

The rest of the mini market gradually built up with plenty of soaps, honeys, cushions, jewellery and blankets all presented brightly for sale.

As the sun slowly descended, the temperature started to drop and everyone was hastily putting the finishing touches on their accommodation in time for the first happy hour.

The Deputy Mayor of Bega, Cr Liz Seckold came to our hall and welcomed us to Bega, officially opening the Tri-State event and enjoying meeting many of the members.  The happy hour was well attended with old friends greeting each other, lots of jokes and friendly banter, not to mention the drinking and laughing that was going on as well.

After happy hour, we had a historian attend in the hall to give us a talk about the history of Bega.

Friday dawned bright and clear, and just a little fresh, with Geordi  getting up at 5am every day to open the kitchen and turn on all the equipment needed to get the breakfast bar ready for our breakfast stall. The breakfast stall proved to be a great success, with lots of hungry trippers coming up to get a convenient and tasty bacon and egg sandwich for small change.

Friday’s trips went well, apart from the small hiccup in the marshalling area, but Dallas (the showgrounds caretaker) gave us a hand in seeing that the trips got out ok. There were five off road trips go out.

Saturday’s trips included a cruise around Two-Fold Bay at Eden.  We had about 30 members on the trip and the weather was spectacular.  One of the highlights of the trip was when we came alongside a yacht upon which a family of 12 people lived.  It wasn’t a very big yacht either, with mum and dad and 10 very happy sunbronzed children waving happily to us, before our guide told us the mother was pregnant with another child!

After the cruise some people decided to look around Eden, go the Killer Whale Museum and some of us went to the Long Stocking Brewery to look around and have a bit of lunch.

Another trip on Saturday was the Reef Fishing trip, which was organised by Allan Ferrett. Several fish were caught during the trip, which were then prepared by the cruise staff so that the trippers could take them home for dinner.

There were also four off-road trips that went out, all of which were very well attended and no major mishaps were incurred.

Saturday night drew a small crowd of bingo players into the hall armed with snacks, coins and drinks.  Our very own resident bingo caller – Kym Dalton – helped to facilitate the evening with her lovely professional bingo calling. She knew exactly what she was doing and taught us all a few different ways of making numbers rhyme.  A big thank you must be conveyed to Kym for her wealth of experience which helped make the night run smoothly.

Sunday was a day full of trips, games and surprises.  Trips went out, but only ones that weren’t overly long.  Games were held in the hall at around 3-4pm with lots of laughs and some great photos taken of people trying to do things they normally wouldn’t do!

Sunday evening arrived and people quickly placed their cutlery and plates on tables before the evening began, to cut the time needed to look for seating at the last minute.

Our entertainer, Daryl Lamb, was a happy chap with a great voice.  He provided us with lots of hits and kept some of us toe tapping until long after the dinner had finished.

Several people had to leave on Monday, cutting the number of off road trips down to only two – those being Wollumla Peak and Warrigal Range, also there was the Captain Sponges Magical Oyster Tour, which was very well attended. Whilst waiting for the trips to return lots of backbreaking work was done, sweeping the hall, packing up equipment, clearing rubbish and filling bins.

We held our last happy hour outside as the hall had already been cleaned up, many a joke was told, and many anecdotes about trips were told. Afterwards, about 60 of us all got ready to go out for dinner.  We lined up on the track for our final convoy departure to the Candelo Pub, where the hotel had opened specifically for us.  It was a lovely meal and much merriment was had as we pondered over the fact that our five-day event had finally come to an end. Most of us made our own way back to the showground for our last night in Bega.

A big thankyou to all our volunteers who worked so very hard they included the team that marked out all the campsites, welcomed everyone at the gate, and ushered them to their sites; our daily news editor Sue  and postman Terry  for delivering late in the evening or early in the morning; our registration team who made sure everyone got their event bags and handled any enquiries that came along; the ladies who prepared and organised the snacks for the daily happy hour, the people who rushed around madly selling raffle tickets nightly, the early risers that cooked breakfast and marshalled the vehicles into position to get away on time, the admin team that worked well into the evening to have everything ready for the next day’s trips.

And an enormous amount of thanks to The Sapphire Coast 4WD Club for leading our trips, their hospitality and friendship.  We look forward to continuing that friendship in trips to come in the future.

Thanks to everyone that attended and made it a memorable event. Hope to see you all in South Australia next year.





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